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Helping you manage information about your pets
Manage my pet's data

Your pet diary made easy!

Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, ferret, or something else, experience why other pet parents trust our platform with their pet’s information. With a simple-to-use interface to track your pet’s weight, medical information, prescriptions, pet fosters, and more, see the information you want. WidgPet puts you in control.

Add as many pets as you have, all different species, including their photos.
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Add additional widgets to your dashboard and change the site’s theme.
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Manage widget sizes, placement, and remove widgets as needed.
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Add information about your pets and make the dashboard yours.
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You can customize your experience by adding or removing widgets, organizing their placement, changing their size, or selecting a different theme. This flexibility puts you in charge and displays your pet’s information how you want.

By storing all of your pet’s information in the cloud, it is always available to you, no matter where you are. No more searching for records or trying to remember the date of their last appointment. Just log in and start viewing. We’ve even made it so you can share your pet’s information with others - whether with your family & friends, a pet sitter, or a pet foster.

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Why widgets?
Widgets are small software components that are great for performing specific tasks such as displaying your local weather, a stock ticker, the news, etc. Widgets can easily be added and removed from your dashboards as needed, offering configurability on a user-by-user basis. This means you only see the widgets you want and not the ones you don’t.
What do you need to access WidgPet?
WidgPet is designed to run in the browser on most current devices, including computers, mobile phones, or tablets. There is nothing to install. Just log in to WidgPet and you’re ready to go.
How much does WidgPet cost?
WidgPet is free to use. We are pet lovers and pet rescuers like you. We figure if this site helps us, it can help you. And when it comes to pets, we want to help them too.
The free version allows you to utilize most of the features of the site, while the paid version offers enhanced features that allow you to upload documents and store photos.
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Rescue Organizations
We offer widgets to support organizations just like yours. You can easily track all of the pets in your care, manage their medical information, medications, and more. And when you send them out to foster, WidgPet allows you to share each pet individually with that foster. This means fosters can add ongoing details such as weight, eating habits, and behavior so you better understand how that pet is thriving and ensure you match them to the proper home.
And when it comes to the adoption, you can soon manage the entire process through the Adoption widget, including the paperwork, credit card payment, and transferring a copy of the pet’s history to the new owner.
If you are interested in using WidgPet for your organization, you can reach us via the Contact Us page.